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WODS 6/12-6/17

MONDAY 6/12/2017

WARMUP: 10 minutes

500 Meter Row

Then 3 rounds (With empty barbell)

10 Straight Legged Deadlifts 

10 Strict Press

10 Back Squats


Wave #1

5 Back Squats @ 70% of 1RM Back Squat

3 Back Squats @ 76% of 1RM Back Squat

1 Back Squats @ 82% of 1RM Back Squat

Wave #2

5 Back Squats @ 74% of 1RM Back Squat

3 Back Squats @ 80% of 1RM Back Squat

1 Back Squats @ 86% of 1RM Back Squat

Wave #3

5 Back Squats @ 78% of 1RM Back Squat

3 Back Squats @ 84% of 1RM Back Squat

1 Back Squats @ 90% of 1RM Back Squat




18 Calorie Row

15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
12 Toes to Bar

9 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans (50’s/35’s)

Post Rounds + Repetitions to SUGAR WOD

Purpose today is to begin to start to integrate additional dumbbell training into our regimen. Whether or not we see this movement in the games, this affords us the opportunity to build a wider skill set… which all compliment each other. Be diligent with our technique today on the hang cleans. They are meant to be challenging, especially positioning wise. That is our focus of this piece.

Whereas the first and last movements favor the stronger athletes, the middle-two favor the gymnastic athletes. Expect this workout to become grip intensive, with three of the four movements incorporating a pull. As an overarching strategy, pace the row, and consider breaking up the TTB’s early to preserve our capacity for the hang cleans.

On the row, we are looking to compose ourselves. Focus on our breathing here so facilitate a smooth transition to the box jump overs. Smooth movement here is where athlete’s can make or lose much ground in this workout. These repetitions are not meant to be a sprint, which would punish us in the following movements, but we want to move with a purpose on the BJO’s recognizing that seconds dissapear here quickly. A lateral hop or a box-facing hop are both acceptable, with the Rx standard being a two foot jump.

On the toes to bar, it is tempting to push for straight sets. What is more important than a straight set here however is how well we move on the DB Hang Squat Cleans. If breaking the TTB into two, or even three quick sets allows for better movement and sets on the DB’s, that should break is worth it. 6-6, or 7-5 are blanket recommendations to strive to hold, whereas even a 5-4-3 sets up the athlete very well grip strength wise to hang onto the DB’s.

On the DB Hang Squat Cleans, focus on your technique, especially in that first round. It will not be the weight that slows you, it will be the technique that will slow you. An odd-object clean such as this will challenge us today positioning wise. Aim to find the head of the dumbbell on the shoulder, angling the majority of the weight onto the front rack position. It will not be a perfect seat, and is not meant to be. Another reason why it is so beneficial to train.


TUESDAY 6/13/2017


500 Meter Row

Then 2 Rounds of:

10 Superman

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Boot Strappers

10 Samsons Stretch 



Establish a max set of strict handstand pushups.


These repetitions can be one of many variations. From most challenging:

1. To the floor

2. Pike Pushups from box

3. Pike Pushups from floor

4. Pushups from Toes

5. Pushups to Box or Bench

We are looking to keep this progression bodyweight. We will utilize the dumbbell strict press for other portions inside this cycle, with this being an opportunity to train our gymnastic strength.



Establish a max set of strict pull-ups.
This is purely a baseline number to work with for percentages on this cycle.

For the progression inside of this cycle, we are looking for a difficulty level that allows for 5+ repetitions. With that said, utilizing bands to facilitate that will be our best move today. Make a personal note which band you are using for this max set for follow-on training.



“Hang Tough” Part #1


27 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

27 Wallballs (20/14)

27 Calorie Row

Rest 4:00

“Hang Tough” Part #2


21 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

21 Wallballs (20/14)

21 Calorie Row

Rest 4:00

“Hang Tough” Part #3


15 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

15 Wallballs (20/14)

15 Calorie Row

Each portion is scored separately as rounds + repetitions. During the rest intervals, make note of your score, and enter each individually into the respective leaderboards below.


Building intensity today through intervals.

To match the stimulus of the workout, we are looking for a weight that we can hang power clean for 21+ repetitions when fresh.

On the hang power cleans, we are looking more to move efficiently than for speed. This opens our 4:00 window, and sacrificing technique for speed here will only catch up to us on the wall balls and row.

Break these up into manageable chunks. What we don’t want to do here is hold on for an unbroken set if it requires a significant break before starting the wall balls. Ensure on every repetition as well that we are finding the shoulders, and not the wrists on the catch. Given how it is a lighter load, and inside of a short time window, we need to pay even more diligent attention towards our technique. If we start to catch with low elbows, what happens here is that our shoulders do the majority of the work wrestling the bar to the finished elbow through position. This comes back to pay a price on the wall balls, where our shoulders are heavily fatigued from so. It won’t be your legs that slow on the wallballs – it will be the shoulders.

View the first two movements (cleans and wall balls) as one package – what is our fastest way to make it through those initial 54 repetitions in that first portion. The 4:00 window moves quick, and we are looking to minimize the amount of time we aren’t moving. Even if we get to the rower fairly fatigued, we can still pull the handle. We can make progress for the initial few strokes and gradually pick up into a faster speed. Let’s just get there first.

On Part #1, it will be a challenge to finish one full round.

On Part #2, it will be a challenge to try to get further than Part #1, despite the reduction in reps.

On Part #3, it will be a challenge to try to come close to finishing two rounds.


WEDNESDAY 6/14/2017


200 Meter Run

10 Straight Legged Deadlifts ( Barbell )

10 bootstrappers

10 Jumping Squats

10 Iron Crosses & Scorpions 




8 Sets of 3


Set #1 –  5 Deadlifts @ 35% of 1RM Deadlift

Set #2 – 4 Deadlifts @ 45% of 1RM Deadlift

Set #3 – 3 Deadlifts @ 55% of 1RM Deadlift

Set #4 – 3 Deadlifts @ 65% of 1RM Deadlift

Sets #5-8 (4 Total), build to a heavy set of three for the day. This is not a 3-rep max attempt, but rather a chance to gauge where we currently are as we start the cycle. We will be consistently deadlifting on Wednesdays.




21 – 15 – 9:

Deadlifts (135/95)

Push Jerks (135/95)

Barbell-Facing Burpees

Post times to SUAGR WOD

Although the deadlifts and push jerks may grab your attention, it is the burpees over the bar that will highly likely make up the majority of the workout. The methodical burpee step-up (Video) is a recommendation here to not only keep us paced well to enter the following rounds, but it minimizes extra steps and wasted motion. This is where seconds are lost very easily in such a workout. If we remove 45 extra mini steps in this workout, and each are worth half a second, we saved over 20 seconds off our time with actually less effort expended. Let’s make every motion count.

On the deadlifts, let’s push for unbroken sets here – however, drop the bar at rep 20 of the first set. Take a quick breather here, change from your mixed grip to the hook grip, and then complete your 21st deadlift. From there we can move into a hang power clean to start our push jerks, and here we are looking for consistent sets.

This first set of 21 push jerks will feel significantly different than the set of 15, so for many of us, we are looking to make a break here to preserve our capacity for round 2. As purely a talking point, the 21’s could be broken as 14-7, which may allow you to push for a 9-6 on the 15’s. What we don’t want to do is open up with 21 unbroken push jerks if it reduces us to a slow moving 5-5-5 on the 15’s. If we are doing 5’s on the 15’s, we likely will need to do 3’s on the 9’s, and we want to conserve for that final push.



THURSDAY 6/15/2017


200 Meter Run

Then 2 Rounds

10 Thruster (Barbell)

5 Strict Pull-ups

Pigeon Pose 1 minute (Both Sides)

Then 5 minutes Wrist and Shoulder Stretch



1,000 Meter Row

50 Thrusters (45)

30 Pull-Ups

In this classical benchmark, both males and females use a 45lb barbell. Last completed on February 6, just over four months ago. Your previous time will display below if logged that day.

Post New Times to SUGAR WOD



OTM x 12 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 4 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat

Minute 2 – 8 Back Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat

Minute 3 – Rest

First week of OTM squatting. Progressions will flow to build our ability to cycle moderate to heavy loading. Next week, we remove the minute of rest. Putting in the Grunt Work.


FRIDAY 6/16/2017


Coaches Choice



Dialing in positioning in our pull off the floor. In this drill, we will be completing a complex of a pausing clean deadlift, followed by a full power clean. The first repetition (clean deadlift) focuses on finding specific positions for proper bar path, with the second repetition (power clean) confirming the movement with speed.

7 Sets of 2 Complexes:

Pausing Clean Deadlift + Power Clean

Refer the video below for a visual demonstration. We will not be establishing a leaderboard for this piece – purely practice.

Start at 40% of your current 1RM CJ and slowly build from there. Movement quality is what we are after today – only increase in loading if the below focus points are being met. There is nothing wrong with staying light here to drill the technique properly.

On the pausing clean deadlift, we have two pauses:

Pause 1 – Just below the Knee. As this point in the pull of the ground, we want shins vertical with the shoulders over the bar. Lats are on here. As a cue, think of squeezing your armpits tightly closed.

Pause 2 – Mid-thigh, or jumping position. Shoulders are still ever so slightly over the bar, with the weight still back towards our heels.

After the pausing clean deadlift, you can drop the bar from the waist level or set the bar down. Reset for the power clean (no touch and go), and focus on the bar path off the ground during the lift, now with speed added.



3 Rounds:

800 Meter Run

21 Power Cleans (155/105)

Post Times to SUGAR WOD


A balance of simple cardiovascular endurance and capacity on the barbell, we are coupling two simple movement patterns to finish our conditioning for the week. Enter the running as if we are moving into a 2-3 mile race. This is not an overly aggressive pace, nor is it overly paced. The runs can separate athletes by minutes in this workout, which can be very difficult to make up on the barbell.

If we are not running today, lets row equal distance on the erg. If we are using a bike today, let’s complete 45/35 calories on the Assault Bike. The stimulus on the barbell calls for a weight that we could cycle for 15+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh if we absolutely went for it .Inside of the workout, individual strategy may very well call for fast singles throughout, with the key being the transition between repetitions are almost immediate. Modification recommendations to capture the stimulus specifically for you could be 135/95 and 115/80. We are looking for a slightly heavier weight than our “moderate” training load.

As a micro-goal of the workout, focus on running directly to your bar today. Seconds are easily lost here between approaching the bar and our first repetition. Be in an aggressive hurry to get to your bar and start that first repetition. We aren’t moving at a fast pace here on our cycle time, but we are using those first five repetitions just to get moving. We can always pick up our cycle time deeper into the set, with our goal being just start. Get the first repetition out of the way and focus on bringing our breathing under control over the next handful of repetitions.




25 Glute Bridges (Video)
50 Banded Pull-Aparts (

100 Banded Push Downs (Video)

50 Banded Pull-Aparts (Video)

25 Glute Bridges (Video)


SATURDAY 6/17/2017

WARMUP: Coaches Choice



(If you have a weighted vest wear it)

Run 200 Meters

5 Push-ups

10 MedBall Cleans

15 Sit-ups

( Plank hold while partner runs )



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