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WODS 4/3-4/8

MONDAY 4/3/2017

WARMUP: Coaches Choice

"CrossFit Total"

Back squat, 1 rep

Shoulder Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep


TUESDAY 4/4/2017

WARMUP:3 Rounds:

Row 300 Meters

1 Round: 5 Strict Pull-Ups, 10 Pushups, 15 AbMat Sit-Ups

Followed by…

5 Sets:

1 Spiderman and Reach, each leg (Video HERE)

1 Walk Out (Video HERE)



50/35 Calorie Row

Directly into…

5 Rounds: 10 Burpees, 10 Toes to Bar

Directly into…

50/35 Calorie Row

The initial row counts, but it is not won here. Strive to row at a pace that feels like your 2K best effort. This is an aggressive pace that will have us on the rower for somewhere between 2:30-3:30. On the final few calories, let’s back off a touch so that we can fluidly move to our burpees.

This combination of burpees and toes to bar can be deceptive. It is a great test of mid-line capacity. As we jump our legs up for our burpee, we are using our abdominals and hip flexors. Also relied on heavily for toes to bar, expect this group to fatigue. With that said, let’s think through pacing on both.

On the burpees – focus on your breathing. We refer to the “breathing burpee”, which is a quick moment of re-composure at the finish of each burpee. Jump and clap to finish the repetition, and slowly let your arms comes back to your sides before dropping for your next repetition. This micro-break can last a quarter second, a full second, or even two seconds. That part is up to you. But choose a burpee pace that we believe we could hold as if we were to do 100 repetitions for time. Ground is made on cycling larger sets of toes to bar, rather than speeding our burpees here.

On the toes to bar – break early. The goal for all five rounds is to hold the same breakup strategy. Let it be a mindset as we approach that first set. Many athletes can complete the first 10 reps unbroken, but it comes down to how well we cycle in rounds 3, 4, and 5. That’s where the midline fatigue can set in. It’s best to break early, and speed towards the end. Remember to get long beneath the pull-up bar on each rep… maximize the kip swing’s elastic effect.

On the final row, sprint to it. Transitions count here. Sprint to the rower, and simply get the handle going. It’s not about how fast you row to start, but it’s instead about how fast you start the rower. Settle in during the first 5 calories. Allow yourself to recompose on the rower, catching our breath, while we tick away calories. At the 5 calorie mark, aim to get a little faster. At 10, same. Continue the pattern to the finish.



Any extra time you want to spend in the gym today, spend it on mobility. Remember, these crucial de-load days at important. Body, mind, and spirit.


WEDNESDAY 4/5/2017


500 Meter Row (slow), into…

3 Rounds:

10 Chest Level Kettlebell Swings (light load, but explosive… finding hip extension here)

7 Slow Air Squats

3 Inchworms (Video HERE)

:20 second Samson Stretch each side (Video HERE)



Dialing in positioning in our pull off the floor. In this drill, we will be completing a complex of a pausing clean deadlift, followed by a full power clean. The first repetition (clean deadlift) focuses on finding specific positions for proper bar path, with the second repetition (power clean) confirming the movement with speed.

7 Sets of 2 Complexes:

Pausing Clean Deadlift + Power Clean

Refer the video below for a visual demonstration. We will not be establishing a leaderboard for this piece – purely practice.


Set #1 – 50% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #2 – 50% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #3 – 55% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #4 – 55% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #5 – 60% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #6 – 65% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

Set #7 – 70% of 1RM Clean and Jerk

On the pausing clean deadlift, we have two pauses:

Pause 1 – Just below the Knee. As this point in the pull of the ground, we want shins vertical with the shoulders over the bar. Lats are on here. As a cue, think of squeezing your armpits tightly closed.

Pause 2 – Mid-thigh, or jumping position. Shoulders are still ever so slightly over the bar, with the weight still back towards our heels.

After the pausing clean deadlift, you can drop the bar from the waist level or set the bar down. Reset for the power clean (no touch and go), and focus on the bar path off the ground during the lift, now with some speed added.




For Time:

21/15 Calorie ROW, 15 Power Cleans (135/95)

21/15 Calorie Row, 12 Power Cleans (155/105)

21/15 Calorie Row, 9 Power Cleans (185/135)

21/15 Calorie Row, 6 Power Cleans (205/145)

21/15 Calorie Row, 3 Power Cleans (225/155)

Post Times to the Leaderboard below.



Modify the weight selections today to ensure the stimulus is met.

We are looking to get move a heavy load under labored breathing here, but the biggest intention is to move well. What’s more important here than our times is how well we move the barbell as we climb in the ladder. Use a single barbell, and here’s what we are looking for:

Set of 15 – Unbroken if you had to. A load that is very manageable.

Set of 12 – Also unbroken if you had to. But it would be challenging.

Set of 9 – A load we can “touch and go with” when fresh, but we see ourselves moving to fast singles here from the start.

Set of 6 – A load that is challenging, but when fresh, we could touch and go 5+ times.

Set of 3 – Our heaviest loading for the day, where we know when fresh we could string together for 2+ repetitions. Heavy singles during the workout today, but there.





Then 2 Rounds:

10 Samson Stretches

10 BootStrappers

10 Toy Soliders  

10 Box Step ups +10 Box Jumps


Clean and Jerk Prep.




20 BOX JUMPS 20/24

12 C&J 95/135


FRIDAY 4/7/2017


3:00 Light Row

10 Samson Stretch Lunges (5 second hold in each) – Video HERE

2:00 Light/Moderate Row

10 Alternating Spiderman and Reach – Video HERE

1:00 Moderate Row

10 Russian Baby Makers – Video HERE


Split Jerk – Building to a Heavy Single

EMOM x 5

Minute #1 – 3 Reps @ 50% of 1RM

Minute #2 – 2 Reps @ 55% of 1RM

Minute #3 – 2 Reps @ 60% of 1RM

Minute #4 – 1 Rep @ 65% of 1RM

Minute #5 – 1 Rep @ 70% of 1RM

Minutes 6-10 – Build to a Heavy Single for the day. This is not to be a max, but should a very well-executed heavy repetition. If we find ourselves pressing the bar out, call it there. This is a baseline to work with going forward.

Enter your heaviest lift to SUGAR WOD



4 Rounds:

21 Calorie Row

18 Wallballs (20/14) – Females to a 9′ Target
15 Toes to Bar

12 Burpees over Bar

9 Deadlifts (275/185)

Rest exactly 2:00 between rounds.

Score is total time to completion – the final 12th deadlift on the 4th round.

The 2:00 rest periods after rounds 1, 2, and 3 are included in the total time.

Post total time to the SUGAR WOD


Purpose of today’s conditioning session is to bring intensity into these intervals.

We all have a specific set count we tend to resort to when completing toes to bar, and we have a fall-back pace on the rower we find ourselves pulling. Today, let’s get 1% faster. If we normally break our wallballs into sets of 10, let’s push for that extra repetition. We are still aiming for consistent rounds across these four intervals, but in training days like today, the conditions are ideal today to try for that extra repetition, or that one-second faster transition.

One breath faster, one step faster. That’s all it takes today.


SATURDAY 4/8/2017


3:00 Slow Bike or Row

3 Rounds:

3 Scap Retraction + 3 Strict Pull-Ups

6 Russian Baby Makers (Video HERE)

9 Dowel Overhead Squats

12 AbMat Sit-Ups

20 second Samson Stretch each side (Video HERE)

Followed by…

10 Warrior Squats (Video HERE)
With the barbell on the ground directly in front of you, squat down and place one hand on. Keeping that elbow locked out and your chest tall, reach with the opposite hand overhead, focusing on rotating the shoulders and upper back (thoracic). Look towards the fingertips, pause for a moment, and then change arms. A reach with both arms counts as a single repetition. Rest as needed to accomplish the 10 repetitions.




Let’s get our legs back underneath us. This is not meant to be a very taxing session, but we are looking to build some volume back into our training. We should not be close to missing any of the repetitions below. Quality reps that allow us to build upon in our next session.

Set #1, On the 0:00… 5 Reps @ 70% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set #2, On the 1:30… 3 Reps @ 75% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set #3, On the 3:00… 1 Reps @ 80% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set #4, On the 4:30… 5 Reps @ 75% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set #5, On the 6:00… 3 Reps @ 80% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set #6, On the 7:30… 1 Reps @ 85% of estimated 1RM Back Squat

Set # 7, On the 9:00… 10 Reps @ 60%



3 Rounds:

7/5 Ring Muscle-Ups

10 Power Snatches (135/95)

20 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

Post Times to the Leaderboard below.


The ring muscle-ups can prove to be the separator inside this workout. Knowing our capabilities on the rings, let’s approach this first round with a measured first set. Going unbroken here may very well be a possibility for us on the first round, but the separation between athletes on the rings will occur on the second and third rounds. The first set is only a buy-in to get there. Use the cues from the drills to maximize our kip swing. And view this workout as an opportunity to confirm better technique.

On the power snatches, fast singles is a recommended option for most, unless we are very, very strong on the barbell and confident in sets on the rings. The negative (bringing the bar back to the ground) between repetitions can tax our pulling strength quickly, slowing us on the rings in the following round. To put it into perspective, a touch and go set of snatches can save you ~10-15 seconds in comparison to fast singles. Those seconds disappear, two-fold if not more, when we miss a muscle-up or need an extra long break. Strategize this around the muscle-ups first, and then push the pace on the snatches. On the final third round, if you have it, there’s the time for touch and go repetitions.

The box jump overs are a two-foot jump standard, much like the Open. We can get on top of the box, and step down, clear the box entirely, or any combination between. This is the metabolic addition to the workout, which should be completed at a breathing pace. Allow yourself to recover here so that we can transition quickly to the rings.


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