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WODS 2/27-3/4

MONDAY 2/27/2017


500 meter row OR 400 meter run

2 rounds of:

10 sloppy push ups

10 Air Squats

10 Boot Strappers

10 Pass Throughs



10 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Complex:

1 Pausing Overhead Squat (2 seconds in the bottom)

1 Overhead Squat (no pause)

Take these repetitions from the rack. Purpose here it to build stability and positioning in our movement – not meant to be a max effort lift by any means. Percentages will not be assigned – go by feel here. Build to a heavy complex for the day, with the focus on moving very well. Always push up into the bar, and rotate the armpits forward throughout (exaggerating external rotation).

Post heavy complex to the leaderboard below.




The below is 3 x AMRAP 4’s, with each being AMRAP scored separately.

“Matterhorn” Part 1 – AMRAP 4:
30 Double-Unders, 15 Power Snatches (75/55)

Rest 4:00

“Matterhorn” Part 2 – AMRAP 4:

30 Double-Unders, 12 Power Snatches (95/65)

Rest 4:00

“Matterhorn” Part 3 – AMRAP 4:

30 Double-Unders, 9 Power Snatches (115/80)

Enter rounds + repetitions of each AMRAP to the leaderboards below.



TUESDAY 2/28/2017



500 Meter Row/or 400 meter Run

Then 2 Rounds of:

10 Bootstrappers

10 Toy Soliders

10 Walkouts

10 Wall Ball Shots

10 Iron Crosses and Scorpions



3 Rounds:

400 Meter Row

21 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

18 Front Rack Step-Back Lunges (115/80)

15 Barbell-Facing Burpees

Post times to the leaderboard below.



20 Minute Aerobic Restoration

This can be completed on the Bike, Rower, or Ski Erg. Conversational pace throughout.

Every 4:00, complete 15 GHD Sit-Ups + 20 Hip Extensions



WEDNEDAY 3/1/2017











Alternating OTM x 16 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 7 Deadlifts (225/155) + 7 Box Jumps (24/20)

Minute 2 – 15 Kipping HSPU

Minute 3 – 7 CTB Pull-Ups + 7 Toes to Bar

Minute 4 – 15/12 Calorie Row

On all four movements in the first round, we are looking to complete the work at hand within the first 40 seconds. If we reach the 40 second mark and are still working, cap our efforts there and aim to maintain that number in each following round.

None of these sets need to be “straight” or unbroken, but rather what we are after today is smooth, diligent movement. This is a opportunity for us to fine tune motions of the Open, and the prime our bodies and minds for Friday.





Foam Rolling – Quads and Adductors – 2:00

Start high towards the hip, and work down towards the knee (core to extremity). Mash the quads with a foam roller, slowly moving high at the hip flexor down towards just above the patella(knee bone). After a full pass, from hip flexor to knee, go high to low again but this time on the inside of your thigh (adductor). After a full minute on the first leg, change to the second.

Couch Stretch – 2:00 Each Leg
Click HERE for Video
Facing away from a wall in a kneeling position with hands on the floor for support, place one leg so that the shin bone is as close to the wall as possible (the respective foot will be in the air). Slowly bring the opposite foot up in front of you, and keep the heel down for a base of stability. Slowly bring your chest up as you imagine driving your waist forward, and hold at a position that provides a deep, but overwhelming stretch. Focus on your breathing.

Banded Hamstring Distraction – 1:00 each side

Click HERE for Video

Pigeon Pose – 2:00 each side
Click HERE for Video
From a pushup position, sweep one leg beneath your body. Let’s use the right as an example. With your right leg beneath your body, aim to adjust your shin so that it is perpendicular to your torso – in other words, horizontal in relation to where your torso is facing. Slowly imagine sinking your waist back and down to the floor as you feel the stretch in the outside of your hip.

Air Squat Hold – Accumulate 3:00 total

Spend 3:00 in the bottom of an air squat. Can break up this total however you see fit.



THURSDAY 3/2/2017






Every 3:00 x 7 Rounds:

30/20 Calorie Assault Bike

12 Toes to Bar

Score is your *slowest* completed round.


If we are using a Schwinn Air Bike, complete 40/30 Calories.

If we do not have a bike on hand, either complete a 400 meter run, or 400 meter row in replacement.

his workout is completed with a running clock. Rounds start at…

Round #1 – 0:00

Round #2 – 3:00

Round #3 – 6:00

Round #4 – 9:00

Round #5 – 12:00

Round #6 – 15:00

Round #7 – 18:00

Your score again is your *slowest round*, which will have us focusing on pacing today. If we open with a round that takes 1:55, but our second to last round is 2:17, our score for the day is 2:17.

On the toes to bar today, let’s focus on one key point. The back swing. Focus on a long body behind the bar, and reach. This is commonly a part of the movement that we do not take advantage of, and as a result we lose an elastic response. Much like how a baseball pitcher winds up, we want to reach with our toes back behind us. This stretch reflex fires our hip flexors and abdominals to a further extent, resulting in the front swing being completed easier. Some days we’ll focus on fast feet, others the kip swing… today, reach back behind you.

The first round is our tester. If we get to the 2:30 mark, and we are still completing toes to bar repetitions, cap ourselves there for the round and attempt to maintain that number in the following 6 rounds.


Pausing Front Squats + Kipping HSPU

Loads below are meant to be light and very manageable. Working through range of motion and pausing in the bottom. On the handstand pushups, this is a skill addition. Athlete’s choice on repetitions, with the goal being the maintain even sets across. Do not push past 50% of your best set on these rounds, and instead, focus on sound movement through our kip. This one’s about practice.

Set #1, On the 0:00 – 3 Pausing Front Squats 60% of 1RM Front Squat + “X” Kipping HSPU

Set #2, On the 2:00 – 3 Pausing Front Squats 63% of 1RM Front Squat + “X” Kipping HSPU

Set #3, On the 4:00 – 2 Pausing Front Squats 66% of 1RM Front Squat + “X” Kipping HSPU

Set #4, On the 6:00 – 2 Pausing Front Squats 69% of 1RM Front Squat + “X” Kipping HSPU

Set #5, On the 8:00 – 2 Pausing Front Squats 72% of 1RM Front Squat + “X” Kipping HSPU


FRIDAY 3/3/2017



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