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Event Date:October 28, 2017

Location:CrossFit Tupelo

1713 McCullough Blvd. Tupelo MS. 

Reg Opens:07/21/2017 @ 12:00 AM

Reg Ends:10/25/2017 @ 12:00 AM


Team Size:2 person

Team Divs:Rx(MM),Rx(FF),Sc(MM),Sc(FF)

Check-in:Check with your host for specific time and location

Start-Time:08:00 AM






WOD #1: “Iron Man”





60 Chest to Bar Pullups

40 Deadlifts (225/175)

20 Bar Muscle Ups

40 Deadlifts (225/175)

60 Chest to Bar Pullups

Remaining time: As many tandem burpees as possible (must jump over bar together to count)

Time Cap: 12 minutes



Scaled: Chest to Bar-Jumping Pull ups, Deadlifts (185/135), Bar Muscle Ups-Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups. Burpees must still be synchronized but can step over together.


Standards: Chest must make contact with bar on chest to bar pull ups and jumping chest to bar pull-ups. Deadlifts-No hitching, hips must be fully extended at the top of the lift with shoulders behind the bar. Bar Muscle ups-Must lock out arms at the top. Burpees-Chest and quads to deck.



WOD #2: “The Green Goblin Assault”




4 Rounds for Time

20/18 Calorie Row

20 DB Walking Lunges (50/35)

20 Handstand Pushups

Partners must alternate each round (For 2 full rounds total each partner). Must tag partner in at end of the round.

Time Cap 15 Minutes

Scaled: Row remains the same. DB Walking Lunges (35/15), Handstand Pushups- Hand Release Pushups.


Standards: Athlete cannot get off the rower until it reads the specified amount. Walking Lunges-DB must be touching shoulders with some part of DB but cannot be resting. Knee must touch floor and hips must fully extend at the top of the lunge. The feet do NOT have to come back together between lunges as long as the hips extend (can walk through to the next lunge). Handstand pushups can be strict or kipping. Must be fully locked out at the top of the rep, head must make contact with abmat between 25# plates. For Pushups- chest must fully touch the ground, arms must fully lock out at the top.



WOD#3: For time-Doctor Doom’s Frightening Fifty




Buy In: 50 Double Unders Each (Must finish all 50 before tagging partner to complete 50)

50 Clean and Jerks (115/85)

50 Wall Balls (20/14) to 10/9 ft target

50 Push Press (115/85)

50 American Kettlebell Swings (53/35)


Time Cap 15 Minutes

Scaled: Double unders-x2 Singles. Clean and Jerks (85/65). Wall Balls (14/10) to 10/9 ft target. Push Press (85/65). Kettlebell Swings (35/25).


Standards: Double unders-must pass under the feet twice per jump. Attempts do not count. Must complete all 50 before moving to the second partner. Clean and Jerks-Clean can be any kind of clean, starts from the ground. Jerk is from the shoulder to the overhead position with a second dip (not a push press, as we have that later in the WOD). Can be a push jerk, split jerk, squat jerk. Wall Balls-Hip crease below the knee on the down, must reach the target at the top. Push Press must be cleaned first, but then can go from the shoulder to overhead without coming down to the ground. Must be a push press (dip, drive) to count (not a strict press or jerk). American KB Swings must be locked out above head with ears being able to be seen through the top of the lift, with the bottom of the bell facing up at the top of the rep.



Floater WOD: “The Hulk”





2 Rep Max Hang Squat Clean

8 minute cap, must share bar.


Scaled: Same as RX. 


Standards: Bar must be deadlifted up first with a clear break before completing hang squat clean. Must be a squat clean, not hang power clean. Hips must be fully extended at the top of the lift. Must control the bar back down to the hang to hit the second rep (cannot go back to the floor to reset for second rep).



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WODS 10/9-10/15
Later Event: October 15