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WODS: DEC.26-30

MONDAY 12/26/2016


500 Meter Slow Row

3 Rounds:
5 Pushups, 7 Sit-Ups, 9 Hip Extensions (or banded Good Mornings)

10 Slow Pausing Air Squats, into…
1 x 20 second Samson Stretch each side



21 – 15 – 9:
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

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*On the squat cleans, we want to choose a weight that we can string together for 10+ unbroken repetitions if we went for it.
On the ring dips, we want to use a band as necessary so that we could complete 7-10 unbroken repetitions if we went for it.
If we are building comfort on the rings and are not there just yet, place two dumbbells on boxes to simulate a parallel bar dip.

Imagine as if your only score today was the amount of time it took you to complete the 15’s.
In Elizabeth, it is common for an athlete to open up with a very large set to start (10+ repetitions), only to slow dramatically. Visualize yourself on the 15’s, approaching the squat clean barbell, and think about how we would break up that set. If it’s 3’s, 5’s, or fast singles (there is no wrong answer here), we should apply a similar strategy to our first set, the 21’s.

Consistency will bring us our best scores today, if held on both movements. On the squat cleans, break early and often. Those athletes who can maintain the pace they open with on the rounds of 15’s and 9’s will set themselves up very well. On the ring dips, let is be a similar approach, with a large focus on technique.

The ring dips today are a great test of upper body strength and stamina, but even our strongest athletes will fade on the latter repetitions if our technique is not dialed in. With standard for the Ring Dip being that the shoulder descends below the elbow. here are some points of performance to focus on.

1. Keep the rings tight to your sides (close the armpits), and thumbs facing forward.
Commonly, especially when an athlete grinds out their final rep, the hands start to turn outwards(thumbs move from facing forward to facing your sides). We loose two important pieces here – external rotation (shoulder tends to roll forward as the hand turns), and proximity to the body. As those hands turn, the rings move farther away from us, making stability even more challenging.

Keep the rings tight to our body by trying to “hide your armpits”. Squeeze them tight, and maintain the hammer grip with thumbs facing forward during the dip.

2. During the kip, “break the glass”
The kipping ring dip is a valuable skill to train. From the bottom of the dip position, imagine a pane of glass surrounding you at weight level. After getting long beneath the rings with our legs (start from a fully extended position at the lower body), bring your knees up aggressively as you are trying to break the glass. The second they do “break the glass”, reverse direction and kick directly back down to where your legs were extended a fraction of a second ago.

A common fault is starting the press too soon on the ring dip – be patient and wait until you feel your body moving upwards due to that second kick downwards. There is timing involved here, and it takes practice. Finding the bottom position and practicing this motion to feel the movement is a wise move.



 AMRAP 2:00:



6 Rounds:
30 Seconds Max Kipping Handstand Pushups
30 Seconds Rest


TUESDAY 12/27/2016


300 Meter Row

3 Rounds:
9 Sit-Ups
6 Pushups
3 Strict Pull-Ups

300 Meter Row



AMRAP 1:30 – Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 1:00 – Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Rest :30s
AMRAP 30s – Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

*If we do not yet have CTB Pull-Ups, use a band and complete these strict to build our strength. This will bring you closer to your first CTB Pull-Up, where we first must establish the base. If you have CTB Pull-Ups, complete these kipping as our goal for you is to build your stamina.



3 Rounds:
Row 500 Meters
12 Push Jerks (155/105)
15 Toes to Bar

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*“Mistletoes” shares resemblance with a workout we completed last Wednesday, “Oasis”. A very similar repetition scheme, with a change of a movement and a slight change in repetitions. During last week’s session, we learned. We learned where our capacity was for our Toes to Bar. We learned which repetition scheme held well for us – or which scheme did not. We gained valuable experience on a movement that is a large separator in the Open. Today we have the chance to utilize that experience by re-testing a similar stimulus with some minor tweaks.

Here’s the thing about repeating workouts – we are going to do it. In the Open, we want to give ourselves that second chance to do our absolute best. Being able to take what we learned from our first experience, and translate that to you an actionable change in the second iteration is a valuable skill. And it comes with training. Although this is not a exact repeat workout (PJ’s in for DL’s), it will feel the same and will afford us the chance to tweak and test a new strategy. It could be to push a bit further on the TTB’s in the opening set, or could be to hold back more and try to maintain the same breakup strategy on round 2 and 3 that we executed on round 1.

In terms of the workout, the row is the pacer, being on meters. We want to hold a pace on the row that allows a transition immediately to a strong set on the push jerks. These do not have to be unbroken, but we are striving for a weight that allows us to go 15+ unbroken when fresh if we absolutely had to. Inside the workout, we do not want anymore than a single break on the push jerks. Strive to hold a pace that is 10-15 seconds slower than our 2K pace, and focus on fast transitions from the rower to the PJ.

On the push jerks, dial in the punchout today. An aggressive punch to the finish to lock the bar our overhead will be critical to preserve our toes to bar. If we are not aggressive on the lockout overhead of each rep, what happens is the shoulders and arms take the brunt of the work in the press out. In turn, our shoulders become excessively fatigued, which will slow our toes to bar. Lockout the bar aggressively and stand the weight up with your legs, saving our shoulders for the pull-up bar.

Push the TTB pace today. Knowing that we have the 500 meter row ahead of us, which is the pacer, we can strive for consistent but large sets on the bar today. Much like last week, today is a great day to practice and confirm kipping toes to bar, now with a similar workout to compare repetition breakups to.



Not for Time:
50 Hip Extensions, 1:00 L-Sit (Accumulate)
35 Hip Extensions, :40s L-Sit (Accumulate)
20 Hip Extensions, :20s L-Sit (Accumulate)

On the L-Sits, break up the time as you see fit. For example, on the set of 1:00, we can complete 4 sets of :15s, resting between efforts.
L-Sit Variations (listed by most difficult first):
1. Parallettes, knees locked out, toes pointed forward and are higher than waist
2. Parallettes, knees bent 45 degrees
3. Parallettes, knees bent 90 degrees (or knees tucked to chest)


WEDNESDAY 12/28/2016


Row 500 Meters
10 Spiderman and Reach
10 Slow Air Squats
10 Walkouts
10 Fast Air Squats



Each workout is scored independently as Rounds + Reps.
The double-under “buy-in” is completed once per 3:00 window.

“Christmas Threes” Part #1 – In a 3:00 Window…
75 Double-Under Buy-In, followed by AMRAP:
15 Deadlifts (185/135), 15 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00

“Christmas Threes” Part #2 – In a 3:00 Window…
75 Double-Under Buy-In, followed by AMRAP:
10 Deadlifts (225/155), 10 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00

“Christmas Threes” Part #3 – In a 3:00 Window…
75 Double-Under Buy-In, followed by AMRAP:
5 Deadlifts (275/185), 5 Bar-Facing Burpees

*These windows are short and fast. Let’s bring the intensity today and try to move one step faster than we have before.

Looking at the double-unders first, we want to choose a repetition count that we can accomplish in no more than 90 seconds. At the 1:30 mark of each working round, we must move on past the double-unders. Modifying to 50 reps, 30 reps, or even using the 90 second as a cap and striving for as close to 75 repetitions as possible are all good options. But again, at the 1:30 mark, cap ourselves there.

On the deadlifts…
Part #1 (15’s) – A weight we can cycle for 25+ repetitions when completely fresh. On the lighter side.
Part #2 (10’s) – A weight we can cycle for 20+ repetitions when completely fresh. On the moderate side.
Part #3 (5’s) – A weight we can cycle for 15+ repetitions when completely fresh. On the heavier side.

As we visualize the workouts, we want to make it through each deadlift set with at most one break. If we are breaking more than once, the weight is too heavy. Today’s stimulus lies in pushing the pace on the burpees. On the burpees over the bar, recall the burpee step up. The movement does not change today – it is still a step up, but our goal today is to move one step faster. Again these rounds are short and fast. We won’t have much time on these couplets when we get there. Strive to be one step faster.

Cues in the mind for tomorrow:
1) Get off the ground fast. As soon as your chest touches, get back up with a purpose. Much like other movements, there is an elastic effect (a rebound) on the burpee if you time it right. Get up fast.
2) Breathe. Force the air in on the burpees. When we cycle for speed, as funny as this may sound, we tend to short our breaths. A training goal for today is to bring the intensity, but to keep our breathing dialed and focused.



3 Supersets:
6 Barbell Rows)
12 Romanian Deadlifts

In these supersets, strive to hold onto the bar throughout. If we must drop from the barbell row to change to a mix grip, we are allowed to do so, but the goal is not to go so heavy that this is a absolute necessity. The weight used for the barbell row is the same to be used for the Romanian deadlifts.

Post your heaviest for tracking



EMOM x 12:
Odd Minutes – 15/12 Calorie Assault Bike (20/15 Air Bike)
Even Minutes – Max Wallballs* (20/14) – Females to a 9′ Target

**On the wallballs today, you are allowed one set per round. You have the full 60 seconds to complete it, but as soon as we stop our motion for the next repetition, or drop the ball to the ground, we’ll cap that as our set. Reasoning is to gain confidence in larger sets. Inside workouts, we consistently stick to smaller sets for consistency, but we want to build the familiarity and stamina in our training for larger capacity sets as well. Strive to get outside your comfort zone and aim for not a max effort, but a large set in each round. If we normally do sets of 10’s in workouts, let’s go above that today.

Females, shoot to a 9′ Target today. Historically in the Open, the 9′ target has been used. We want to become comfortable at this height, knowing what our capacity for sets are here. Great learning opportunity today in that.
If we do not have a bike, either substitute a 150 meter run, or 7-10 burpees per round (up to 40s of work). We would normally use the rower as a substitute today but I’d like to keep you off the erg this session.

Post total wallballs, across all six rounds of the EMOM, to the leaderboard below.


THURSDAY 12/29/2016


3:00 Light Bike or Row

3 Rounds:
3 Spiderman and Reach, each leg
5 Strict Pull-Ups
3 Walkouts with a Pushup
5 Pausing Wall Squats



1-Attempt to Establish:
Max Effort Strict Handstand Pushups

*If we used an AbMat last test, do the same for testing consistency. If we did not complete the last test, establish a current max set today. If we currently are still working on our strict handstand pushups and do not have our first yet, complete 3 sets of 12 strict dumbbell presses (you choose the weight, challenging, but unbroken each time) from a sitting on the floor position, legs extended out in front of you.



Wave #1
On the 0:00: 5 Reps @ 65% of 1RM

On the 1:30: 3 Reps @ 70% of 1RM

On the 3:00: 1 Rep @ 75% of 1RM

Wave #2
On the 4:30: 5 Reps @ 65% of 1RM

On the 6:00: 3 Reps @ 70% of 1RM

On the 7:30: 1 Rep @ 80% of 1RM

Wave #3
On the 9:00: 5 Reps @ 65% of 1RM

On the 10:30: 3 Reps @ 70% of 1RM

On the 12:00: 1 Rep @ 85% of 1RM

The first two sets on each wave (Sets of 5’s and 3’s) stay consistent at 65% and 70% respectively.
On the third set of each wave (Sets of 1′), we will be climbing from 75%, to 80%, and then to finish with a single at 85%.



4 Rounds of a 3:00 Window…
7 Power Cleans (165/110)
Max Calorie Row in Time Remaining
Rest 1:00 between rounds.

*Score for the day is total calories across all four rounds. Post total calories to the leaderboard


*These seven heavy cleans should be a loading we are confident we could “touch and go” for a straight set when we are completely fresh and if we had to. In other words, a weight we could lift for 7-12 repetitions when fresh. During the workout, they do not have to be straight. A larger focus is dialing in the movement we trained in our skill section today, finding those critical positions as we pull off the ground. The heavier the barbell, the move pivotal it is to hit these positions. The stimulus is to have these repetitions feel challenging, but it should not, (in any round) take over 1:00 to complete. If we reach the 1:00 mark in any round and are still on the power cleans, progress to the bike. We do not want to become stuck here.


FRIDAY 12/30/2016


500 Meter Slow Row

3 Rounds:
5 Pushups, 7 Sit-Ups, 9 Hip Extensions (or banded Good Mornings)

10 Slow Pausing Air Squats, into…
1 x 20 second Samson Stretch each side



30 Wall-Ball Shots 30/20LB

Run 1 mile

30 Wall-Ball Shots 30/20LB



3-Way Split How You Like:

Teams of 3:

1000-meter row

30 snatches 95/65

90 sit-ups

1000-meter row

30 cleans 95/65

90 push-ups

1000-meter row

30 Front Squats 95/65

90 pull-ups



















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